Our New Training Shows You The Secrets To Delivering Highly Engaging Virtual Events

Without Wasting Time Or The Stress Of Figuring Out All The Tech...

Discover How To...

This value packed training will give you key insights to delivering virtual events that will make you shine, every time!

  • Secret #1: What Makes Live Video So Powerful

    Data shows that people spend more time watching live video than regular videos, find out why?

  • Secret #3: Make Your Virtual Event Profitable

    Digital content allows you to adapt your business model to ensure maximum return on investment.

  • Secret #2: Make Your Content Super Engaging

    Online viewers participate for different reasons and needs that need to be addressed through your content.

  • Secret #4: Forget About All The Technical Needs

    With many tools showing up daily, the true value of a successful virtual event lays on its ability to convert viewers into fans.

About Your Trainer

"Live video is a powerful tool that allows you and your business to make an impact in the lives of your viewers by helping them see things in a different way..."

Juan Guerra

BSEEN Founder

With more than 8 years hosting events and facilitating workshops, and with more than 4 years engaging with virtual events, Juan's unique experience gives you the edge to jumping ahead of the curve.

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